Realtor Partner Benefits

Partnering with the Real Estate community has been a cornerstone of my business since I started 13 years ago. These are a few of the ways I assist Realtor partners with business development.

The C3 Mortgage Process

Communication, Clarity and confidence are the 3 steps that make this process amazing for clients! We are  always available, responsive and proactive during the process. Our streamlined process allows for complete   transparency as you navigate the mortgage options, and perhaps most importantly – Our closing times are well below the industry average, helping you win more contracts!

Austin Mortgage Report

This is the easiest and most informed way to check mortgage rates for the end of the week. We provide a simple, clean and clear E-mail every Friday for you to see current rates and the “high level” economic factors affecting rates.

Integrated MLS Application

Provides realtors and their mortgage lenders with marketing and technology solutions to educate potential.

Mortgage Payment App

Most online payment calculators are pretty inaccurate. So I provide one that I've personally updated to ensure it provides the most accurate mortgage payment estimate possible including the taxes, homeowner's insurance and mortgage insurance (if applicable). 

You can install the app now! Just enter your phone number here: