TDHCA My First Texas Home TMP 79 Program

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My First Texas Home TMP 79 is a Taxable Mortgage Program offering mortgage loans at more competitive, fixed low-interest annual percentage rates with down payment and closing cost assistance for first-time homebuyers. Beginning with its predecessor, the Texas Housing Agency, TDHCA has a long track record as a safe, trustworthy source of homebuyer assistance with 32 years of experience and expertise in working with low to moderate income first time homebuyers.

Bonus: TMP funds can be combined with the Department’s Mortgage Credit Certificate Program, further increasing the home’s affordability! 


Homebuyers who meet the following minimum requirements are eligible to apply for a loan under the program:

  • First time homebuyer or a homebuyer who has not owned a home as primary residence within the past three years;
  • Homebuyer(s) income does not exceed program's income limit guidelines
  • Purchase price of home does not exceed program's purchase price limit guidelines
  • Credit Score/DTI Requirements
    • Government Loans (FHA, VA, USDA):
      • Minimum 640;
      • Max DTI - 45%
    • FNMA HFA Preferred Loans:
      • Minimum 640 for LTVs 95% or lower;
      • Minimum 680 for LTVs 95.01-97%
      • Max DTI - 45%


Properties eligible for loans through My First Texas Home include:

  • Single family units
  • Single units in condominium developments and planned unit developments
  • Duplexes as long as one unit of the duplex is occupied by the Eligible Borrower as his or her principal resident and the duplex was first occupied for residential purposes at least five years prior to the closing date


TDHCA's homeownership programs are available statewide to any profession or individual/family who meet the program guidelines. Income limits are set at up to 115% of the area median family income (AMFI) and vary based on the county the home is purchased in. These change quite often so please contact us for the latest details. 

If you are interested in pursuing a TMP 79 loan program, please email John Schutze or give him a call at (512) 524-8310 to discuss next steps. 

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