Episode 17 - The Curb is Online - The Importance of Photography in Real Estate

Does good photography really help sell a home faster or for more money? In this episode of The Austin Mortgage Report, we discussed an interesting angle on how great photos can provide an innate advantage when selling your home! Amber Wilson of Sprout Imagery and Jennifer Archambeault of Urban Provision Realtors joined our show to shed some light on the conversation. Here are some interesting facts from our show.

  • 94% of buyers start their search online, the first impression the consumer gets of the house is what they see on the web.
  • 33% of all home buyers are first time home buyers. Median age is 31 years old. (Millenial - visually stimulated).
  • Great photos of your home will entice prospective buyers quicker.
  • Upload images to MLS that walk the buyer through the home as if they were walking through the front door. 
  • Consistency - photos shot from same person will help your marketing stay the same.
  • Make sure to provide enough images to properly market the home.
  • Try to stay away from taking your own photos using your smartphone as it comes off as unprofessional.

Amber Wilson - Sprout Photography 

  • Attended the Washington School of Photography in Bethesda, MD
  • Started her photography career in NYC in 2005
  • Brought her business to Austin 5 years ago, specializing in Real Estate, head-shot and family photography

Jennifer Archambeault - Urban Provision Realty

  • Jennifer is a Owner/broker of Urban Provision Realty, a firm focused on technology and innovation
  • Active at both the local and state levels with ABOR and TAR
  • She is a positive advocate for our industry.