Best Practices for Online Lead Generation

92% of Homebuyers start their search Online. So how do you tap into this market? no one is better at client conversion than Dave Ottley of Ottley Group Real Estate.

Fortunately, he joined the show to share his insight. 

Here are some highlights:

Trulia vs. Zillow - Which does the consumer like the most? Why?
What's the primary method that homebuyers are contacting you?
Are most ready to buy immediately?
When do most folks contact you? Night, morning?
What's the first thing you say?
Do you email, call or both? Other?
What's the typical price range of an online shopper?
Are they in Texas, Austin? Out of state?
Do they often have an agent already?
Is the main goal to see a specific house immediately?
What's the average sales cycle?
Are most prequalified for a mortgage?
Have they done much research?
Do they listen to your advice?
Are online reviews helpful? Do consumers contact only agents with reviews?
Do all agents online pay to be there?
What's a typical conversion ratio?
Can you give us one best practice?