Episode 9 - Buying Real Estate Using a Self- Directed IRA

We had a great conversation with real estate professional Pam Vaillancourt of Keller Williams! We got into an eye-opening conversation about using your IRA to purchase real estate in Central Texas. Here are a few of the facts!

  • There are over $19 Trillion in retirement plans in the US.
  • Less than 3% of those funds are allocated into alternative assets like real estate.
  • They are the most untapped funds, 4 out of 10 homes in the US have IRA'S.

Common Misconceptions

  • Most people have been misinformed that they would have to pay penalties or taxes if they direct these savings into assets outside of wall street.
  • Custodial companies typically restrict their clients's investment choices to publicly traded options only. 
  • Individuals may feel the total amount invested in their retirement fund is inadequate to purchase real estate.

      - Many listeners may think that they are not in a financial position to invest in real estate. Here are three options to fund an SD IRA real estate purchase:

- Cash

- Partnership

- Leverage

Questions? Contact Pam directly: 512.736.3145