Episode 69, Part 2: Selling Houses in the Age of Technology

Living in the age of technology, it's more important than ever to find creative ways to market and sell houses, especially in the competitive Austin marketplace. Learn more with Andrew Thurston and local agent Marius Morosanu!

What do people need to do to sell their home in this day and age?

"In so many ways, marketing has changed with the prevailing tone of technology and I think it's important for us as real estate agents to take that into account. People are paying attention to design quality and our industry really needs to keep up with that. From that perspective, I think it's important to stand out in the marketplace here because there's a shortage of inventory. Because of that, you really have to fight to bring your home up in buyers' eyes," Marius says.

"It used to be that back in the day, realtors had their printed book that came out every month and I think realtors would put up some signs and walk around, but it's not really the same anymore," Andrew says.

"I look at the MLS every day, and a lot of times you see listings out there that are really subpar. There are some good choices for buyers, and there are buyers that are making multiple offers on houses, and you might say 'well why do i need to do anything extra? and it's because it's more about branding your home and your lifestyle - where I'm at in Avery Ranch, you need to let people know about your community and highlighting that with video and drone photography is necessary."

"I've seen some great marketing for houses, and I've seen some subpar," Andrew says. "For me, the drone videos are one of the coolest things out there right now. 5 years ago, would we ever have thought that was possible?"

"I think this new technology has brought us this really cool cinematic effect with home tours, and typically it's only being used in higher-end homes right now, but I think that as costs come down in the technology and availability, we can bring the cost down and offer those videos at all different price levels. And I think it makes the real estate industry looks better as a whole, too. I want to lift up the industry to see more quality in it," Marius says.

"For sellers to be featuring their homes in such a positive way, they can really get the full market value, which could be missed out on if they only have subpar pictures on the MLS," Andrew says.

"We live in the world of the iphone and beautiful apps - people expect design, and it comes down to what your flyers and signs and photos and videos look like," Marius says.

Why is it still beneficial to host an open house?

"We see all kinds of people come in to open houses - a lot of times we'll get people that come in just to look and see what floor plans look like, and sometimes they just want to see what's the latest and greatest and what's selling," Marius says. "I also think it's important to put on a great open house and have people spend more time there in a warm environment."

As far as inventory goes, people are still going toward the houses that show the best," MArius adds.

"Just because it's a seller's market doesn't mean that sellers can get complacent and not try to present their house well or think they don't need a great realtor," Andrew says. "90% of people who try to sell their houses by themselves end up using a realtor, because there's just so much that goes into the process that people don't realize." 

"When people try to market their houses on their own, they don't necessarily have all the same tools that realtors have," Marius adds. 

If you're interested in purchasing a home or have questions about hosting an open house, feel free to give Marius a call or text at (512) 800-5876 or email him here

If you have any loan-related questions you'd like to direct to Andrew, email him here or give him a call at (512) 524-8356 or reach him on his cell at (512) 590-4976.

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