Episode 69, Part 1: The Advantages of Smart Home Automation

Loan Officer Andrew Thurston welcomes special guest host Marius Morosanu, of Keller Williams Realty, to the show to discuss the major perks of purchasing a Smart Home.

What is "Smart Home Automation"?

"Smart Home Automation is kind of defined by homes equipment and devices - it's lighting and heating and cooling devices being controlled individually or all at once remotely, so it has a lot to do with how we're able to control our environment," Marius says. "It's definitely part home planning, material choices and the buildout, and how you integrate all those tools into what makes a home a 'smart' home, and I feel like we're in the infancy stage of that right now."

What is included in a typical Smart Home?

"When I hear Smart Home, I think energy efficient - solar panels, thermostats you can program to be on and off in different rooms, et cetera," Andrew says. "Is that part of the Smart Home?" 

"That's the gadget part of it - there's a company developing registers that are smart that regulate the air coming into particular rooms, which works in conjunction with your locks and lights and thermostat, so in essence you can set up a recipe that will make sure the doors are closed and locked and the thermostats are off. You can set it up so that everything can be turned off or on within a 5 or 10 mile radius of your house."

The building process itself is also a huge portion of the Smart Home: "The buildout makes sure it's environmentally friendly and has those materials inside of it, like carpeting that doesn't hold mold or surfaces that are easy to clean or come from renewable sources, and really that work with your external environment and help you live a cleaner and better life," Marius says. 

Does a Smart Home save you money?

""It does, it saves a lot of money!" Marius says. "There's a homebuilder here in Austin that I'd like to mention, Scott Turner, who has a couple of smart home models in downtown Austin at Riverside that fit the smart home bill in the sense of their buildout and energy efficiency," Marius says. "These are the environments that millennials will want to be a part of!"

"Are the savings over time actually going to give you a cost benefit, or do you just know you're gonna spend a little more because you have that attitude of being green or environmentally frinedly?" Andrew asks. 

"People buy on emotions so much, so a lot of these technologies will give you a lot of cost benefits over time - if you have a home that doesn't leak air, of course that will be beneficial to your wallet. But as you add convenience, that 'feel good' factor of 'hey, I'm doing the right thing!' That starts to add a lot more value to the whole concept," Marius says.

"It's so important to have a realtor out there who can point these things out to you, because when you say that, it makes a little more sense to me that it's not always just about the numbers and that it's about the lifestyle too," Andrew says.

"You always want to have friends over and brag to your friends about all the cool features in your home," he adds. 

"And you can brag with the touch of a single button," Marius says. "You can just press a button and have your lights turn a different color and integrate into a grander system with different rooms in the house."

What's the best way to get in touch with Marius?

"I'm one of those people that loves to talk on the phone, so calling me at (512) 800-5876 is probably the best way to reach me through text or phone," Marius says. "You can also reach me via email at marius@refinedaustin.com or visit his website, www.refinedaustin.com

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