Episode 70, Part 2: What Makes The Boutique Real Estate Unique

Andrew Thurston of Supreme Lending & Noa Levy of Boutique Real Estate discuss her company and what separates them from the rest when it comes to Austin real estate.

What demographics does Boutique Real Estate represent?

"We started out as a downtown firm helping young professionals get condos, and then the young professionals got married and had kids and wanted to go to the suburbs, so that transition is happening all the time," Noa says. "One of our specialties is this transitional phase in your life - whether you're an empty-nester coming downtown or a young professional moving to the suburbs where you'd like your children to go to school, I do believe that is a cool aspect of real estate, because you come from the other side into the suburbs and there are some beautiful parts of Austin with lots of other things to offer."

"We're a young city - we have the University of Texas and other colleges, and it's also a great city to raise kids, a great city to retire in - so it's really interesting to be able to work with folks from different walks of life," Andrew says.

"Our office is set up as a living room, because we thought 'you're buying a house,' so you should feel comfortable and not like you're in a corporate setting," Noa says.

"We really strive to provide a unique experience - providing you with knowledge, with statistics, listening and communicating to your needs, because after all this is one of your biggest purchases in your life," Noa explains.

"If you're paying these high prices for properties downtown, you expect and need that service that a lot of the local shops in Austin can provide, and I think it's great that you came from a bigger shop and paved your own way for the folks who want to live downtown," Andrew says.

How did you come to form Boutique Real Estate?

"I got my Masters in International Relations and Communications, and when I came back to Austin, I couldn't really find a job and at this time East Austin was really starting to transition, so I would call agents and try to get information - and I had an idea about investing in some land in East Austin but I didn't have a client, so I enlisted my parents," Noa laughs. "So my parents bought a little property in East Austin, and then I just got into it! I had a great network here, and we started to find rentals and turn them into sales, and the rest is history."

Do you work with sellers, buyers, or both?

"Both! We also have done project development - we've represented a couple of projects throughout Austin and a couple downtown towers, along with some smaller projects within South Austin - we do it all! We're a full-service firm, we represent buyers, tenants, short-term rentals, projects, and I do about 10% commercial real estate," Noa explains. "But we mostly do residential work."

If you're looking to buy, sell, or have questions about downtown real estate, visit their website at www.breaustin.com or call Noa at (512) 659-3898. 

“The most important thing, whether you’re buying or selling, is to have an advocate for you - and we can do it all!”
— Noa Levy
Noa Levy & Andrew Thurston

Noa Levy & Andrew Thurston

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