Episode 66, Part 2: Why Sellers Should Get Home Inspections First

Mark Hairston and Andrew Thurston of Supreme Lending welcome Keller Williams Luxury Homes Agent Sean Sutton to the show to discuss an awesome strategy for sellers when it comes to home inspections and how to control the deal.

What's a home inspection? 

"A non-invasive visual inspection of the systems and components for durability, operability, and serviceability," Russ explains. "If you tear a wall open and find dry rot, that's really not your home inspector's fault. However, if there was water damage or staining, then absolutely they should be bringing that up."

"The home inspection is usually something we're all holding our breath for," Andrew says. 

"I literally schedule the inspection as I'm driving away after a final offer has been made," Russ says, emphasizing the importance of getting an inspection done as soon as possible in the process.

Why the seller should get a home inspection done first

"The one person holding their breath the most in this is the seller," Russ says. 

"The seller should get the inspection done upfront BEFORE they go on the market," Russ explains. "Now when they get an offer, they respond with their counteroffer AND their seller's disclosure AND the home inspection, and now they've defined the as-is sale. The buyer may get their own home inspection anyway, and anything that's in their inspection that's also in yours, you've already defined as part of the as-is sale and there's no re-negotiation. Anything different, you go back to your inspector and if the buyer's inspector is correct, then a great seller's inspector will step up and make it right, and that's a win-win."

"Be prepared. Get everything done upfront so you can control the process," Russ advises.

Left to right: Andrew Thurston, Russ Colliau, Mark Hairston.

Left to right: Andrew Thurston, Russ Colliau, Mark Hairston.

If you have any questions for Russ about real estate or home inspections, feel free to call him at 512-910-0560 or email him at RussColliau@kw.com.

If you have any questions on the lending side, call Mark at 512-789-6967 or Andrew at 512-590-4976. 

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