Episode 57, Segment 2: Leander Realtor Shanan Shepherd Talks The Booming Market in Leander, Texas

Hosts John Schutze and Andrew Thurston welcome special guest Shanan Shepherd of Shepherd Nelson Realty to discuss what's next for the booming real estate market in the Leander/Cedar Park area just north of Austin. 

Leander real estate expert Shanan Shepherd describes the state of the area's competitive market as the Austin area continues to grow out north. When it comes to how busy the market is, Shanan had this to say: "Last year was super busy, but this year is making last year seem slow - I've never seen anything like it!"

Below are some more topics surrounding Leander that Shanan has observed over the past few years:

Home Prices

The new norm for home prices in the area is around $300k. Although many of the new developments claim to start in the 240s or 260s,  those prices begin to rise up to $300+ once you start adding customizations to your home. That said, Shepherd says that Leander is still more affordable than most homes in the city limits of Austin.

New Developments

As more Austinites move out to Leander and commute downtown, the rail is becoming a more popular option for many. As rail use grows, so will development around the rail. Shepherd says a lot is already starting to develop around the rail, and plans for new retail centers and shopping centers are in the works. 

Land Prices & Availability

There's still a long way to go before Leander is fully developed! Shepherd, also a member of the Leander City Council, says that there is plenty of land left in Leander to be developed. But if you're looking to buy land, the time is now - prices are increasing drastically as Cedar Park is becomes built out and more companies begin pushing into open Leander land. 

Overall, it looks like Leander is the new place to be! As it grows and builds out, there's no better time than now to buy. If you're looking for a home in the area, don't hesitate to contact Shanan Shepherd at (512) 906-9936 or visit her website at www.shepherdnelsonrealty.com