Episode 54, Segment 3: Why You Should NEVER Trust a ".com" Credit Score

In the final segment of this week's AMR episode, John Schutze and Andrew Thurston discuss the crucial reasons you should never trust a credit report from a free ".com" website.  

Many people naturally want to know their credit score before they start applying for home loans, so they request a credit report from one of the many free sites that advertise regularly. Unfortunately, those sites use credit reports that usually show higher scores than you would receive on the FICO report, which is the one that lenders usually go by. 

John and Andrew both explain in detail how the credit report process works and why you shouldn't be afraid to fill out a pre-qualification application to find out your REAL credit score!

For more information, or if you have further questions on credit reports, feel free to call John at 512-524-8310 and email him at john.schutze@supremelending.com, or talk to Andrew at  512-524-8365 and andrew.thurston@supremelending.com

To fill out an application and get pre-qualified, simply visit www.johnschutze.com/next-step.

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