Episode 54, Segments 1 & 2: How West Campus Is A City Within A City

David Zavaletta, Metro Realty

David Zavaletta, Metro Realty

John Schutze and Andrew Thurston enjoyed their last visit with Metro Realty Agent David Zavaletta so much, they invited him back on the show once again to learn more about the real estate landscape in the UT Campus area. In this first segment, David, of Metro Realty, describes the unique aspects of the UT Campus real estate market that make it even more competitive and fast-paced than other areas of Austin. 

Parents and future parents of UT students - you'll want to listen to this one: Why do you need a true UT campus expert to help you search for a property?

The strange, landlocked landscape of the properties surrounding the UT campus makes the area a true challenge to navigate when looking for a place to call home. That's why Metro Realty Agent David Zavaletta focuses solely on properties in the UT area, using his detailed knowledge of campus to help you find the perfect place to live.

If you'd like to learn more about David Zavaletta, visit www.utmetro.com, call 512-479-1300 and ask for David, or email him at david.zavaletta@gmail.com

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