Episode 51 Segment 3 - Best Loan Program to Make Your Purchase Offer Stand Out

In Segment 3 of Episode 51, Andrew Thurston, John Schutze and special guest Brandy Harrison of Austin Referral Realty talk about the recent influx of first-time home buyers and the best way to make an offer stand out. In technical terms, what qualifies you to be a first-time home buyer (other than the obvious)? Which loan products work best for first-time home buyers? How do you know which products you qualify for? What are the differences between the different products? 

Listen as these real estate professionals discuss this sometimes daunting topic of loan products. They break down the most popular products in an easy-to-understand way to help you learn and understand what's out there and what to expect as you look for your mortgage. As always, make sure to listen to the show every Sunday on Talk1370 AM and if you can't catch the show, you can always listen at www.austinmortgagereport.com.

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