Episode 75, Part 2: Lakeway Real Estate

Chadwin Barley of Keller Williams continues to guest host the show with John Schutze and Andrew Thurston. This segment, they talk about Lakeway real estate.

"Austin has become so regional in a lot of ways, and Lakeway seems to be its own region now," John says. 

"When I moved out there 15 years ago, we didn't even have a Target. Now, we have a mall, and all kinds of other retail places and places to hang out with friends," Chadwin says.

"What's a price point that people will get into in Lakeway?" ANdrew asks.

"We have lots of opportunity for the million dollar buyer, but fortunately some things have been opening up - especially down 71 near Spicewood, we have lots of new construction that gives an entry point that's a little more accessible. ANd right across the street from the new development in Lakeway, there's a cute little area called The Preserve where you can get in under $300k," Chadwin explains.

"We do have the Regional Lakeway Medical Center out there now, which has brought a lot of value to our area. A lot of those professionals as well as people who are retiring are finding they can live out in West Austin and still access the things they need," she continues.

What kind of inventory is out there for someone looking for a home under $400k?

Things come and go all the time, but when I did a search for under $400k I found just short of 50 properties available, and a good handful of homes were built in 2016, so you're looking at some new construction options in that price point," Chadwin explains.

"A lot of the more affordable homes are new construction homes, I've noticed," Andrew adds. "A lot of times people looking for that price point are finding newer homes."

"In my particular neighborhood, homes don't come on the market too often, but there are sellers," Chadwin says. "If you're looking for something unique but the MLS isn't showing activity in that area - that's not to say that homes haven't sold or aren't selling in the area. You want to work with someone who's willing to knock on a homeowner's door and ask if they're willing to sell."

"There's always sellers, just like there are always buyers - just sometimes, you have to do a little digging to make that connection happen."

If you have questions about Lakeway real estate or are looking for help selling or buying a home, contact Chadwin Bailey at chadwin@heartandsoldaustin.com or give her a call at (512) 589-3251. 

If you have any lending questions for John or Andrew, give our office a call at (512) 524-8310!

Chadwin Barley with Andrew Thurston.

Chadwin Barley with Andrew Thurston.



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