Episode 74, Part 1: Trending Neighborhoods in Austin

John Schutze and Andrew Thurston were thrilled to welcome born-and-raised Austin realtor George Vance McGee to the show to talk about the core of Austin and which areas of the city might be the next "it" place to move. 


"A lot of the newer residents moving here don't really know the neighborhoods or where they should live," George says. "I try and do my best to politely and helpfully educate them as far as knowing local information and where might be the best fit for them."

"If budget isn't an issue, and you just want to buy a house in austin, what price range would you need to be in?" John asks. 

"That's a great question because our neighborhoods, Old Enfield, Tarrytown, Westfield - those older central parts of Austin are definitely the most expensive. Just for an empty lot out there, you're probably paying $600-700k just for the dirt! But that central core of Austin is a very sturdy piece of the puzzle."

"Central Austin is king - it's almost like beachfront property somewhere else. As you go out further from the core, home prices get lower. Different neighborhoods are a better fit depending on the individual person, I mean, a lot of this is how comfortable you'd be with a longer commute." 

"Where is the next big spot, where can I find the next South Congress or the next downtown?" John asks. 

"From what I'm seeing showing and hunting properties, I see a demand for Central East Austin from renters - millennials and the tech industry are very healthy here and they are into that area. You can walk to rainey, you can walk downtown, you're near the park, there's retail and things to do on the East Side now."

"An area that has a lot of room for appreciation is Southwood, which is just south of 290," George continues. "There's a new project kind of like the domain, called Saint Elmo, and you can get a house there for $250k, so that's an area where I think there's some room for appreciation."

Another great area to look in is the North/Central market, like Anderson & Steck, you can get a full 2 or 3 bedroom house for $350k or less. 

If you're interested in discussing this further or have real estate questions, please contact George Vance McGee at 512-657-9281 or georgevance@gmail.com.


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