Episode 48 Segment 1 - Reflections on 2015 and What to Expect in 2016

In the first episode of 2016, John Schutze along with Andrew Thurston and Joel Douglas of Douglas Residential discuss how the housing market faired in 2015 and if the predictions for 2015 came true. They ponder the question, "Is Austin in a bubble?" Meaning, is Austin unique compared to other cities in regards to how well the market is doing? 

With the elections coming up, what does that mean for mortgage rates? Will the market stabilize in 2016 or will Austin's exponential growth in areas such as population, development, employment and income continue to positively affect the housing market? What can we expect in the new year? Listen as three of Austin's finest discuss the new year and reflect on 2015 in the first segment of episode 48 of the Austin Mortgage Report.

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