Episode 50 Segment 1 - Rates and the Central Texas Market

In episode number 50 of Austin Mortgage Report, John Schutze and Andrew Thurston are joined by Kimberly Murphree of Sky Realty to discuss a number of topics including Segment 1's topic which relates to the central Texas market and its rates. What are the current rates in central Texas? Has there been a shift? If there was, what caused it? How long will it stay in its current state? 

Other topics include the election year and what it does to the market, the central Texas inventory, the disadvantages of using a big bank as a lender. 

Catch these and more topics on this milestone episode of Austin Mortgage Report and remember to listen to the show every Sunday at 3pm on 1370 AM.

Find out more about Kimberly Murphree at www.brokerinaustin.com  or give her a call at 512-751-7907.