Episode 47 - A Great Discussion with David Zavaletta - 12/6/15

Happy December everyone! We ring in the Holiday season with a truly insightful guest, Mr. David Zavaletta!

In this episode we learn a little background information on David Zavaletta and how hospitality plays a big role in the real estate industry. David discuss how the interaction with a client is what he enjoys most and why he switched from the Hotel business to moving into real estate. Steven also perfectly breaks down the attitude of buyers and explains whether the transaction is investment or an emotional buy.

David teaches us about the 6 Thinking Hats and what hat to wear and when as a real estate agent. This is a great take on the industry! Listen to all this and a ton more and be sure to tune-in to the Austin Mortgage Report with John Schutze every Sunday from 3-4pm on Talk1370

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